About Enamelware

Where are your products produced?
All our products are handmade in Turkey by using traditional methods of enamelware. The mastery and craftsmanship of handmade enamel is a signature of KAPKA.
What is enamelware?
Enamelware is made of pressed sheet of steel covered with glass-based powder coating called enamel. Once the steel is covered with the enamel it is put on fire in a kiln. Depending on the design craftsmen at our atelier apply various methods, like dipping, splashing, or spraying and we re-paint and re-fire the products several times until reaching its final design.
Are your products lead-free?
All our products are made of lead-free enamel.
How do I clean my enamelware?
Enamelware can be cleaned very easily. You can handwash or put in a dishwasher. If there is stains, you can soak into bicarbonate of soda or lemon juice and then wash as usual.
Is enamelware food safe?
Yes, our enamelware is food safe. During the productions we use only non-toxic paints and natural raw materials, free of harmful chemicals like lead or cadmium
Is it safe to put enamelware in the oven?
Yes, it is safe to put our enamelware in the oven, on fire, including inductions hobs, up to 250C.
Can I put enamelware in the dishwasher?
Yes, you can. Our enamelware is dishwasher safe. To avoid oxidation when the washing is over open the dishwasher cover.
Does the color of my enamelware fade in time?
Our enamelware is made from the best quality enamel. On the other hand, sometimes with the heavy contact with acidic food, the color might change. Some colors are more sensitive than others like our beautiful blue.
Are the products scratched with the use of cutlery?
Our enamelware is made from the best quality enamel. Enamelware is best known for its durability but with heavy use scratches might happen. If your enamelware has a scratch you can still use it, since it will still be food safe.
Is it safe to put enamelware in the microwave?
No, we do not recommend you put our enamelware in the microwave since it is made of steel.
Is it safe to put enamelware in the freezer?
Yes, it is safe to put our enamelware in the freezer.
Is it safe to use enamelware if it is chipped?
Yes, it is safe to use our enamelware if it is chipped. After it is chipped it is better not to heat up to high temperatures to avoid further spread of the damage.
How can I repair chipped enamelware?
You can fix your chipped enamelware with a food-safe enamel repair kit by yourself, but we do not guarantee whether it is safe for food.

About Shipping

Where do you ship to?
We ship from our warehouse in Istanbul. We ship to most countries internationally. If you are not able to process an order from your country, please send an email to info@kapka.com.tr.
Are custom duties and taxes included in the sales price?
International customers ordering on the store will be served with Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU) and will be charged for items purchased and the shipping only. Import duties or tax costs (where applicable) will be invoiced to you directly from DHL or an import broker appointed to you. Please check our Sales & Return Policy for further details.
How long will it take to get my order?
It depends from which country you order. In general, KAPKA is able to ship internationally between 5-7 business days. Delivery details will be provided in your confirmation email.
What if I want to change or cancel my order?
We try to fulfill our orders as quickly as possible. Please email us at info@kapka.com.tr and we will try to see if we can find a solution.
Where can I find my order number?
You can find your order number in both your order confirmation and shipping notification emails. If you cannot find your order number, please contact us at info@kapka.com.tr
What should I do if I haven’t received an order confirmation?
There should be an email from info@kapka.com.trwith the subject line www.kapka.com.tr: New Order # If you can't find this email in your inbox, please try checking your spam folder. If you still can't find the email, please contact us from info@kapka.com.tr and we'll help resolve the issue.
What should I do if I haven't received a tracking number?
We generally process all orders within a single business day. Our offices close on Saturday and Sunday, so if you place an order on Friday, you should expect to receive your tracking number on the following business day- Monday. If it's been longer than two business days, please try checking your spam folder for an email from info@kapka.com.tr. If you still can't find the email, please contact us from info@kapka.com.tr and we'll help resolve the issue.
What is your return policy?
We hope all of our customers like their Kapkas, but if you want to return an order, we’re happy to help. Our standard return policy is 14 days. Please review our Sales & return policy for further details.
What should I do if my order arrives incomplete or damaged?
We hope for the highest quality for our products and of their shipment. Keep in mind that handmade products are unique, might not be identical and could include some small differences. In case of a clear defect, please reach out on info@kapka.com.tr and include pictures of the defect. Sometimes a product gets damaged during transport. In this case also please reach out to info@kapka.com.tr, keeping your order number at hand, and we will help you out.
What should I do if I received the wrong order?
Mistakes happen, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Contact us from info@kapka.com.tr and we'll help send out the correct item to you immediately.

About Stockists

Do you have a shop?
We, as Kapka, do not have a physical shop except from our online shop. We ship to most countries internationally. On the other hand, Kapka has many stockist worldwide. For the nearest stockist to you, check our stockist page from here.
What should I do to be a wholesaler?
If you want to be a wholesaler of Kapka, please sign up for Wholesale customer account from here. We’ll get back to you in a short time.
Do you do customized works?
Yes, we love to do customized works for our customers. To learn more about our customized works click here or contact us at info@kapka.com.tr

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